Peekskill - New York's Most Famous and Beautiful Town

Peekskill, New York is a town in Westchester County, New York, located on the east bank of the Hudson River near Jones Point. Peekskill is located on the East side of the Hudson, just north of Jones Point. The town has a population of over 23,000, making it a popular place to live and work. It was originally established as a ferry crossing point for passengers to go to Jones Point and back. Today, it is the commercial center of Westchester County. Peekskill used to be called Port Wiggles. Peekskill was created as a town by William Wiggles, a German immigrant who made his home here during the late 1800s. Learn information about Montrose, NY here.

Peekskill, New York is the oldest town in Westchester County. It was first referred to as Port Wiggles. The town has been designated a town landmark and is protected by law. Peekskill offers many different types of recreational opportunities for residents and visitors. The town offers numerous museums and historic sites, including the Westchester Historical Society, Peekskill Center, Peekskill Museum, and Peekskill Park. Peekskill was a popular destination for early travelers who made it their home. Today, many of those same attractions are available to the general public, making Peekskill a great place to visit or live. Discover facts about Putnam Valley, New York: A Small and Gorgeous Town in New York.

Peekskill offers many activities for residents and visitors. Residents can enjoy Peekskill's restaurants, parks, shopping, and nightlife. Residents can also enjoy Peekskill's historic buildings and monuments. Most of the historical buildings are still standing, while others have been restored to their original glory. Peekskill offers a wide variety of residential and commercial real estate. Peekskill houses are generally built in the colonial style, and homes are usually quite affordable. Peekskill houses are also available with an abundance of outdoor spaces.


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