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Pump Station Cleaning
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Sewer & Water Plant Services in Montrose, NY


Our full range of Sewer and Water Plant Services include:

  • Digester cleaning

  • Filter Media Removal & Replacement

  • Vacuum Truck Services

  • Waste Disposal

  • Sludge Pumping & Hauling

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the sewage go in New York?

Sewage is returned to the environment through septic tanks and sewage treatment plants.

When did New York get a sewer system?

A sewer system has been in place for the city of New york since 1849, when it was designed by George E Waring, Jr.

Is the water in New York sewer water?

Yes. The water in New York city is conveyed to treatment plantsvia an extensive network of underground sewers, which collect runoff from streets, buildings and other areas. At the treatment plants, the wastewater is cleaned and disinfected.

Do we drink sewage water?

We do not drink sewage water. It is broken down and purified to be used for other purposes.

How deep is a sewer main?

A sewer main is the main trunk of a sewer system, running from the treatment plant to the farthest household or business. A typical sewer main is 8 feet in diameter, but can be small as 4 feet or as big as 24 feet.